Grants Awarded

Grants Awarded


Jennifer Prescott
Garfield Elementary-"Read Your Way to Success!"

During our literacy time in our classroom, we use Daily 5. The Daily 5 is not a program, but a management system or structure that allows students to work on authentic reading and writing practice. This system also allows for differentiation in the classroom and provides consistency. The Daily 5 consists of 5 literacy tasks that teach the students independence. 

Kristina Medina
Limestone Technology Academy-"Listen, Read, and Learn"

A child-friendly CD/cassette player, headphones and a cart to safely store all components. These materials will be used for a daily listening center.

Sarah Coonce
Garfield Elementary-"Lab Rats, Microscopes for Garfield STEAM Academy"

Request funding for microscopes, blank slides and basic biological slides for Garfield. The lower grades will be able to use the pre-made slides while they are learning to use the microscopes. These slides will let them see plants, insects and animal tissues. With the help of microscopes the students will be able to actually see what organisms are in the samples they have collected.

Megan Elliott and Amy AcAllister
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"Brain Boost" SITE Grant

Northwoods would like to incorporate an action based learning classroom lab. Research shows that movement improves brain function. this lab would consist of stations, each designed to prepare the brain for input and processing. Sensory components of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, directionality and visual literacy are developed as the child rolls, creeps, crawls, spins, twirls, bounces, balances, walks, jumps, juggles and supports his or her weight in space. Active, healthy kids make better learners. 

Amber Kubiak
Angus Valley Elementary-"An Apple A Day....."

Request for two 32 GB iPad Mini 2 with iPad Mini Smart Case. These devices will be used in our skills based small groups, math stations and literacy stations such as listening station. Students will be able to access online resources for projects, listen to stories to practice comprehension strategies and practice phonics strategies in small group.s.

Candy Belding
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"NINE Square in the Air"

Nine Square in the air is a fun and active game easily made out of PVC pipe and connectors that combines the games of 4-square and volleyball. It involves several children and can be used on a playground during recess or inside a gymnasium during physical education class.

Jessica Begines
Tulsa Boys Home-"Help Is On the Way"

Request for funding to go toward 10 TI-X30 calculators and 3 TI-84 Plus graphing calculators

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Academy-"Real Jobs Use Real Math"

Funding request will supply a collection of math related activities for students to engage in on a daily basis. To help students see that math is everywhere in every grown up job. These materials will give them a basic understanding of the math that designers, builders, artists, accountants, chefs, teachers, and other occupations.

Tanya Condren
Garfield STEAM Academy-"Shake, Rattle and Move"

Basic music and movement related equipment for special education classroom. Movement and rhythm related activities will improve learning in many areas of our curriculum. 

Beth Russell
Garfield STEAM-"Learn a Lot with Ozobot"

Learn a Lot with Ozobot will use Ozobots, small programmable robots, to teach students coding through hand on activities. The classroom kit requested provides 18 Ozobots and all the accessories necessary to use Ozobots.  The construction kit requested will expand and use of Ozobots and allow students to turn the Ozobots into construction equipment and further their creative use of the Ozobots. 

Jennifer Ennis
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"Mrs. Ennis! I Can's See!"

Using an Elmo Document Camera, we will be able to place the book on the document camera, point to each word as I read, and the students will be able to make text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. 

Rebecca Stewart
Garfield Elementary-"Early Learners Making Music"

A grant request to purchase unpitched percussion instruments, scarves, ribbons and curriculum to help facilitate our younger students. Included are egg shakes, guiros, triangles, finger cymbals, sand blocks, tambourines, ribbons and scarves. 

Jessica Sprague
Central Ninth Grade Center-"Powering Up STEM"

Powering UP STEM will provide students in the STEM program, and any 9th grader working on STEM projects within their science classes, the opportunity to use quality power tools and learn how to use them appropriately. Many large-scale engineering projects, and engineering challenges require the use of hand, and or, power tools. 

Laurie Starling
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Wrangling Readers"

Funds to support my classroom library with high interest novels, nonfiction novels, and graphic novels to encourage students to read for pleasure. Funds will be used for library type supplies that will keep our classroom library organized and books protected.

Missy Wilson
Garfield Elementary-"Listen and Learn, A Read Along Listening Centers"

For both non-fiction and fiction books with CDs for the listening center in the classroom. These books with CDs will allow students from a Title 1 school extra support to develop skills needed in reading. 

Brenda Sanders
Limestone Technology Academy-"Social Skills for Autism"

A set of Social Skills Books. To help high school students with autism learn and practice appropriate social language skills. This set of books contain situations in the classroom, school and vocational settings for practice with these skills. 

Virginia Williams
Charles Page High School-"Nureva Grant"

Request for the Nureva Span System

Library Media Specialists
All Elementary Sites

Funding for an additional year of Battle of the Books program to encourage readers and nonreaders to read quality literature and discuss it with their peers.

Kailynn Aery
Limestone Technology Academy-"Write ON"

Provide learning activities for both whole group, small group and center times. Writing is a huge part of 1st grade. These tools will help my students become better writers, which in return will also make them better readers. The supplies will allow my students to become engaged and excited about reading.

Stan Trout, Sharon James, Tim Ray, Beau Jestice, Curtis Price
Charles Page High School-"Project Lead the Way Initiative"

To allow for the purchase of the required curriculum, equipment, supplies for Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Module. This will complete the district-wide initiative to provide STEM programming using PLTW curriculum through high school. 

Jan Green
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Chromerific Accessories"

Headphones and wireless optical mouse for use in the classroom

Teresa Schuler
Angus Valley Elementary-"Engage All Learners with iPads"

To introduce iPad Minis through the daily use in literacy and math centers. The iPads will give the students a chance to gain mastery of a version of technology that is ingrained in our society. The iPads during small group work. Have the additional iPads will allow the teacher to zone in on their literacy skills and attract the focus of students who have difficulty focusing during a traditional small group working setting.

Jan Green adn Janet Johnson
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"First Annual Sandite STEM Challenge"

A challenge in which students participate in hands on inquiry based events. Student will travel to 6 different events that incorporate STEM and which require problem-solving strategies in a small group format. Students will work in teams of 5 to solve the problems that are given to them. 

Mindy Lee
Pratt Elementary-"Let's Get Moving"

This grant is to help a child with sensory processing issues. 

Brad Ehmke
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Kindness is Contagious"

This grant will enable Clyde Boyd Middle School student population the opportunity to explore and promote positive team building exercises with the help of these supplies and materials. 

Kama Wilson
Angus Valley Elementary-"Winning Our Way to Speech, Language and Literacy Success"

To utilize communication based games to enhance speech and language skill in Pre-K through 5th grade, while also building a foundation for literacy development. The selected games will be the cornerstone to daily speech and language activities. 

Starr Corbin
Angus Valley Elementary-"2 iPad Minis"

Celeste Thompson
Angus Valley Elementary-"2 iPad Minis"

Pamela Dale
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Project 244-: Smart Document Camera"

The Smart document Camera will allow the teacher to teach in a more interactive way, engaging more students and promoting full class participation. 

Britta Hartman
Pratt Elementary-"A Webcam in the Classroom"

Peter Whipple
Charles Page High School-"Digital Pianos"

Peter Whipple
Charles Page High School-"Digital Pianos"

Lea Hayduk and Claudia Smith
Angus Valley Elementary-"Learn Through Movement: Intervention in Motion"

These products provide a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching for grades K-5 that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross body movements, yoga and visually pleasing floor mats and banners designed to encourage students to practice math and reading concepts.


Jennifer Prescott
Garfield Elementary-"A Passion for Reading"

Funding for a collection of leveled readers and mobile storage carts for our classroom library, which will be used by students everyday. These leveled libraries will ensure that all students have the opportunity to access books in an organized leveled library and that they are selecting appropriate texts that are engaging for their young minds.

Jenifer Holland
Page Academy-"Improving Quality of Life and Education through Physical Activity"

Basic fitness equipment that will allow students to expand their options for physical activity as well as ease the burden on would be volunteers who are unable to transport needed equipment for their lessons.

Jennifer Buntin
Garfield Elementary-"Tackling Reading Deficiencies"

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment and Fountas and Pinnell leveled readers. The Fountas and Pinnell assessment is a comprehensive assessment that will allow the teacher to determine independent and instructional reading levels for all their students.

Jennifer Barretto
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"Building Toward the Future One Block at a Time"

Exploration using architectural blocks and Lincoln Logs to engage students, reinforce drawing concepts and 3D conceptualization and as a creative platform for further art exploration that uses concepts found in math and history to create original artworks.

Cecilia Morelli
Pratt Elementary"Trekking and Teching"

In Trekking and Teching, students use handheld GPS systems to navigate an unfamiliar environment and locate specific waypoints outdoors. When each location is found, the students answer questions that review Oklahoma PASS skills posted at the various waypoints. This opportunity requires them to follow specific oral directions, interact independently with technology and enjoy being outdoors.

Becky Hatchett
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Board Game Club"

Offering students the opportunity to practice teamwork, communication and sportsmanship while learning rules, strategy, vocabulary and critical thinking skills with a before schools board game club.

Kristen Tanner
Limestone Technology Academy-"Building a Monarch Waystation"Site Grant

This grant will give our entire student body the opportunity to learn more about pollinators such as monarch butterflies and bees as they participate in the construction of a registered Monarch Waystation. Students will incorporate all aspects of STEM learning as they research pollinators to understand a species' needs, nurture and observe larvae as they transform to butterflies, interview experts, grow specific plants pollinators need to survive, design and build a garden, visit a local nature preserve, and eventually register our garden as an official monarch waystation recognized and recorded with

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Academy-"Full STEM Ahead"

This project would provide an introduction of STEM activities that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It will provide hands on materials for building and design activities that are correlated with Classic Children's Stories

Amanda Steele
Page Academy-

With the unfortunate emphasis on high stakes testing, graphing calculators are becoming essential to success in upper level math courses. With the increasing complexity of the coursework in higher mathematics courses comes the increased chances of a student making a minor error, essentially sabotaging their efforts. Fortunately, graphing calculators drastically decreases the chances for these errors as well as helps the students visualize the meaning behind the answers they develop. Finding the meaning behind their answers also helps the students relate their coursework to real world situations.

Austin Shipman & Janet Johnson
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"3D Printing"

The aim of this project is acquire a 3D printer that would service the ongoing STEM class as well as other students at large in CBMS. The development of STEM as well as other engineering efforts at CBMS has led me to believe that 3D printing is the next innovative field for us to pursue. One project will be for students to design prosthetic limbs and print them on the 3D printer. 

Kami McCabe, Laura McGehee, Shelley Young, Kim Croiser
Garfield, Angus, Pratt and Limestone Media Centers-"Battle of the Books" (B.O.B.)

Desiring to start a "Battle of the Books" program to encourage readers and nonreaders to read quality literature and discuss it with their peers. The purpose of Elementary Battle of the Books is to motivate students to read, monitor their own comprehension, and become active participants in book discussions. Through Elementary Battle of the Books, we strive to promote a love for literature and the important character education goals of teamwork, respect and good sportsmanship.

Chris Corbin
Angus Valley Elementary-"Healthy Happy Hearts"

This project will allow the students and teacher to get immediate data that shows the effort being performed by the student in fitness class. The students are taught about resting, target and maximum heart rates along with the importance of getting in the target and maximum zones every day for a certain amount of time throughout the year. This will show them that they do not have to be an athlete to stay healthy the rest of their lives. Part of the equation to staying healthy is getting that heart rate up through exercise or physical activities.

Star Corbin and Mandi Rivers
Angus Valley Elementary-"Pedal Pushers"

This project will allow the students to have the opportunity to move throughout the day while still participating in the daily classroom activities. The students are taught about the importance of getting daily exercise, but some days when the weather is bad they are not allowed to go outside and get that exercise. This will show them that they do not have to be an athlete to stay healthy. Part of the equation to staying healthy is getting that heart rate up through exercise. Scientists have also proved that movement during learning "wakes up" areas of the brain needed to retain and recall information,

Kevin Avey and Terry Calvert
Charles Page High School-"TI-84 Graphing Calculators"

Our request is to add enough graphing calculators to our classes, so we do not have to borrow from other math teachers. We want the students to become more engaged in the classroom and add calculators to the content of our lessons. A graphing calculator would help the students better understand the concepts in mathematics by allowing them to visualize the problem. Graphing calculators would also help us teach more efficiently and focus on the core areas needed to be successful on the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test, AP Exams, ACT and SAT.

Nora Froeschle
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Real Books, Real Power"

Getting kids to read for pleasure might just determine where they end up in life. Sounds dramatic, but this is the actual findings of research commissioned by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, a 34 nation pro-democracy, pro open-market council. Astoundingly the group reported in 2002 that reading for enjoyment is a stronger indicator of future academic success than a child's socio-economic background. Two recent studies also indicate that digital reading cannot deliver the same benefits including basic comprehension and ordering of events as that of a physical book. In other words, real books still yield real power, and I need books for my classroom. And not just any books, I need books that are of high interest to eighth graders.

Debbie Cook
Early Childhood Education Center-"ECEC Students Need to be on a Diet"

What we need is a Sensory Diet! A Sensory Diet is a "diet" of daily routines that incorporate calming and organizing activities for children diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder and other developmental delays such as Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. My Developmentally Delayed Pre-K students have difficulty regulating their senses throughout the day, leaving them unable to participate fully in the classroom activities. Each child has an individualized set of activities that are built into their schedule designed to help them stay focused and keep their body functioning at it's optimal level. The request is for Yogibo 6-foot Sensory Beanbag to facilitate providing sensory experiences to our pre-K students that will help them meet their sensory needs.

Whitney Sanders
Limestone Technology Academy-"Looking at Learning Through a Different Lens"

Request for a digital camera to be used in my classroom to document student learning and progress. Many milestones are reached and developmental progress is made during the pre-K years, not all of which can be documented through written work. Through the daily use of a digital camera, student progress can be monitored, documented and assessed using pictures taken of the students.

Shelley Martin-Young
Pratt Elementary-"Digital Literacy Skills in the Media Center"

Student engagement in Language Arts can be a challenge. To help boost motivation and help build strong writers, a request for the purchase of the LEGO Education Story Starter Kits to help create confident and engaged readers and writers. As a teacher librarian, I have the unique opportunity to integrate digital technologies into the learning environments of young people today. Using the unique technology with the LEGO writers, I will be able to help kick-start creativity and boost reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Lori Wilkinson
Angus Valley Elementary-"Active Seating in the Special Needs Classroom"

Keeping a child's attention on their school work or during therapy sessions can be difficult for teachers. Doing so when a child has autism, ADHD or some other learning difference can be even more challenging. Many of these kids have decreased muscle tone or a constant need for movement-based sensory input that contributes to fidgeting, slouching or soreness, making it tough for them to engage in learning. Active seating allows for movement to keep the body and mind more engaged by adding a little wiggle, bounce or wobble during every day seated activities.

Gina Myers
Angus Valley Elementary-"Pedal Pushers"

This project will allow the students to have the opportunity to move throughout the day while still participating in the daily classroom activities. The students are taught about the importance of getting daily exercise but some days when the weather is bad they are not allowed to go outside and get that exercise. This will show them that they do not have to be an athlete to stay healthy the rest of their lives. Part of the equation to staying healthy is getting that heart rate up through exercise. Scientists have also proved that movement during learning "wakes up" areas of the brain needed to retain and recall information.

Kristen Tanner
Limestone Technology Academy-"Fabulous Fabrication:4th Grade Electrical Engineers"

Students need the opportunity to experience learning with 21st century tools that often schools just can't afford to provide. Laser cutters, 3-D printers and 3-axis mills are used in digital fabrication every day in the real world, but largely unavailable to schools. My project would allow these tools to come to us, through the Hardesty Center for Fab Lab Tulsa. Their recently unveiled mobile Fab Lab allows them to bring expensive digital fabrication equipment to us, eliminating lost classroom time and transportation costs. This project will allow 4th grade students at my stie a taste of what the future offers and get them excited about hands on-learning with STEM as they become electrical engineers and create their own working circuit using LED's, resistors, and computer-aided design CAD software.

Kay Jackson
Sixth Grade Center-"MarkerBoard Math"

My students enjoy using whiteboards and markers to work out their problesm This give me instant feeback on my students' true learning of the concept we are studying. However, the whiteboards we are currently using are just plain white. The markerboards I am requesting contain coordinate grids, circles, place value chart, all templates embedded on the boards. 

Annabeth Harris
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"STEM-It's Not Just a Part of a Plant"

Request of STEM materials/kits for my kindergarten classroom, which will provide the students with science, technology, engineering and math instruction. Providing these materials will foster a new and exciting way to learn about real life concepts.

Claudia Smith
Angus Valley Elementary-"Read Short, Go Far"

Scholastic's Guided Reading Program: Short Reads gives students the practice they need to read and understand the complex informational texts that we encounter every day. Short Reads prepare all second through 5th grade learners for real-world nonfictional reading with this popular and innovative program. With a wide range of subjects and text types, students will expand their academic and domain-specific vocabulary and deepen their comprehension and analytical skills.

Susanne Sanders
Charles Page High School & Central Ninth Grade Center-"Native American Access to Technology"

Indian Education has purchased 27 TI-84 graphing calculators for our 247 high school and ninth grade students with JOM funds over a period of several years. Johnson O'Malley requires the Indian Education office to have a copy of the student's trial membership cards on file, and only JOM students are eligible to use the calculators. This grant would assist us in purchasing additional calculators that can be used by not only JOM students, but those students who are enrolled only in the Title VII program.

Morgan Douglas
Angus Valley Elementary-"Research-Based Reading Curriculum"

Requesting a research-based reading curriculum for students with special needs. This curriculum will provide a solid foundation for acquiring basic reading skills. It is developed for students with developmental delays and significant learning disabilities. I am requesting level one of this program which includes activity books, word cards, picture cards, reading book, teachers guide and much more.

Beth Russell
Garfield Elementary-"3D Printer and Supplies"

The goal of this project is to give my students real world knowledge of the creative process, conceiving and idea and seeing it through all the creative stages. To accomplish this goal, we need a 3D printer, a cart for the printer, and other supplies. We will use the printer to create projects that the students conceive. They will utilize creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving to accomplish this task. The students will gain valuable hands on experiences.

Amy McAllister
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"Treehouse Classroom"

Outdoor Classroom, the Treehouse Project was inspired by the beautiful trails that surround our school. 

Austin Shipman & Kenneth Cole
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Sandites in Space, cont."

This is a request to continue the successful "Sandites in Space" weather balloon grant. Because of the nature of the project, new funds are required every year to resupply with our balloon and electronics that accompany our frame.

Dylan Cahwee & Kenneth Cole
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"A Digital Coming of Age @ Clyde Boyd Middle School"

This project is to update the information system/technological usage within Clyde Boyd Middle School. This project is needed to help faculty and students stay up to date with current events, school functions and share all information and stories that they may not notice otherwise. It is designed to enhance the STEM curriculum while improving the ways in which we communicate those by using current digital age software. Engaging students in this project not only empowers them but give them the tools for success in a school system that is committed to them now and into the future. We will be modeling this system off of the one that was put into place last year at Charles Page High Schools

Lisa Wright
Sixth Grade Center-"Multiplication on the Stairs"

A new fun way of engaging our students to help them become more fluent in their multiplication facts. We want to place vinyl stickers with the most problematic multiplication facts on the step faces of the stairs at the Sixth Grade Center. The students will then read the facts on their way up the stairs. 

Nancy Ogle, Danese Tanner, JJ Smith & Ryan Bivin
Clyde Boyd Middle School & Sixth Grade Center-"Discipline with Dignity Professional Development"

Discipline with Dignity promotes effective school and classroom management that teachers responsible thinking, cooperation, mutual respect and shared decision-making. It equips educators with skills and techniques that enable them to spend less time dealing with behavioral problems and more time on positive interactions with students and on instruction.

"SNOW Grant" awarded to one of the district sites, honoring retiring superintendent Lloyd Snow


Tammy Shelton
Garfield Elementary"Around the World with the Magic Tree House Series"

Five sets of the Magic Tree House books and Research guides. Books to stimulate a student's imagination and satisfy their thirst for knowledge

Robie London
Angus Valley Elementary-"Finding Beauty in Nature and Science"

Making embossed leaf work of art to promote discussion in the elements of art found in both the leaves and the finished projects.

Robyn Venable
Charles Page High School - "Patio Flower Bed"

Landscape project to be preformed by the Life Skills class for the special education students. Perennial planting to be viewed by students and community combined.

Kyle Wright
Charles Page High School-"Better Band Practices"

Written for both high school and middle school band instructors. Incorporating new technology for use with band music.

Jennifer Prescott
Garfield Elementary-"Engaging every Math Magician"

Funding for grade appropriate, action packed math manipulatives, activities, stations and games which will be used to build essential every day math skills in the classroom. These necessary resources will develop skills in measurement and data, geometry, mathematical practice, money, fractions, place value and time.

Jennifer Butler
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy-"Let's Sing a Story"

Books that are also songs. Students will sing the song while following along with the words in the books. Improvement in reading will be the outcome.

Ashley Wise
Angus Valley Elementary-"Sensory Smart Solutions"

Students with sensory integration disorders will benefit from equipment that bring into sensory experiences to them through sight, hearing, smell and touch. The benefits of sensory integration therapy are limitless and research shows that sensory input gives children a way to both interpret and relate to the world around them. 

Leland Leslie
Central Ninth Grade Center-"Photogram-The Elegance of Light"

The purchase of black and white photographic paper and developing processing materials for use in the art program.

Carrie Schlehuber
Angus Valley Elementary-"Sensory Solutions for Special Students"

Students with significant cognitive disabilities often have concomitant sensory disorders. When students are struggling with sensory issues, they often have trouble focusing, staying on task and completing their work. They also have nmany behavior concerns when their sensory needs are not being met. Adding a variety of sensory integration items to the classroom at assist my students when their sensory disorders impede their behavior and learning.

Brooke Smart & Virginia Williams
Charles Page High School-"Classroom set of TI84 Plus C Silver Edition"

Helping students be more engaged in the classroom by adding graphing calculators to the content of classroom lessons. Graphing calculators are a learning tool designed to help students visualize and better understand concepts in mathematics.

Diane Williams
Clyde Boyd Middle School-"Paint Your Art Out"

To introduce a style of art and a medium that most students would not have the opportunity to try. 

Debbie Williams
Limestone Technology Academy-"Touch Math Classic"

TouchMath is a multisensory math program that makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students who struggle to understand grade-level content. This multisensory math program uses the numeral itself as the manipulative. The TouchMath connect software will help students see, say, hear, touch and learn each critical math step. 

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Academy-"Writer's Wonderland"

This project will include several whole group and small center activities to help the students become better writers. First grade writers need to learn good penmanship as well as writing strategies to create true writing samples.

Debra Hankins
Early Childhood Education Center-"Teaching Sounds with Manipulatives"

Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs will be a great way to make articulation therapy more naturalistic for these students. Research suggests that therapy for these little ones that looks and feels more like playing , carries over better into the child's every day life. 

Julie Ward
Garfield Elementary-"Climbing for Fitness, Challenge Course"

Traverse Wall challenge will enhance the traverse climbing wall received in 2012 from the SSEF. This set will help increase the fitness enhancing capabilities of our existing wall. 

Mandi Cloud
Limestone Technology Academy-"Flying High in Kindergarten"

Constructing a rocket may not seem like a traditional kindergarten project, but science can come to life at every developmental stage. The hands-on rocket kit will enable my students to develop real connections between theory and application in science, technology, engineering and math.

Tirita Montross
Early Childhood Education Center-"Movement and Music Matters"

The ECEC does not have a music teacher or music class, each class incorporates music into their own curriculum. The Movement and Music Matters project will address our music weakness within our program.

Laura McGehee
Angus Valley Elementary-"On the Surface"

As a school librarian, it is necessary for me to have technology that will allow me to effectively teach my classes within the library setting. My current situation doesn't all ow me to use my computer and teaching resources because the computer is separated from the main teaching area. A request for a tablet that will replace an out of room computer to teach from in the library during the day.

Claudia Smith
Angus Valley Elementary, Title I Teacher-"Intervention by Design"

Partial Grant awardedIntervention by Design is an intensive intervention program for students in grades K-5 who are reading below grade level. 

Sheree Baker
Charles Page High School-"Reading Between the Lines"

Additional iPads to allow more students to compare Conrad's writing style to Impressionist paintings, research the history of Belgian Congo, research Victorian approaches to studying the  mind and body, read and annotate the story as we listen to it together, actually travel Marlow's journey, and create and publish projects relating to the novel using digital forums such as Google Classroom.

Daniel Schmidt
Charles Page High School-"Aquaponics System"

Design and construction of a 20 foot long Aquaponics system to be utilized in the new 22' x 24' greenhouse. This system will be accompanying the new greenhouse which shall be replacing a 33 year old green house that has been a thriving part of our community in previous years. Due to the present unusable condition of the current greenhouse, horticulture was not offered in the curriculum last year. The construction of a new greenhouse and the inclusion of an Aquaponics system would revitalize an integral part of our program.

Janet Thompson and Frank Cooper
Charles Page High School-

Pursuant to ta generous SSEF Grant last year, CPHS was able to install a coordinated system of TV monitors that is used to post announcements and broadcast production from the Digital Media Production Class in high traffic areas throughout the school. While the system is a vast improvement to what the school had before, the system is presently far short of our vision and its potential. This grant request will supplement last year's grant by adding Digital Signage software that will make the productions more efficient and presentations more modern, informative and viewer friendly.

Kathy Davis
Central Ninth Grade Center-

A graphing calculator allows students to quickly visualize the graphs and allows students to grasp a better understanding of the meaning. A class set of graphing calculators will allow all students to analyze multiple situations in a short amount of time. From math to science, these calculators will enable our students to save time doing multiple problems, visualize the effects of changing the components of a problem, and evaluate if their information is reasonable. 

Kristin Arnold, Carrie Schlehuber, Chris Corbin, Lori Wilkinson, Gina Myers
Angus Valley Elementary-

Angus would like to create an action-based learning lab for students to prepare their brains for input and processing. This lab would be available for all students in the building to use as needed. Research shows that students engaged in Action-Based Learning improve memory retention, reinforce academic concepts, balance brain chemicals while experiencing whole-brain, whole-body learning.

Megan Cabe
Limestone Technology Academy-

6 sets of the complete series of fifth grade STEM Learning Labs. Each STEM lab includes 3 STEM projects that are aligned with fifth grade science standards. These STEM learning labs will allow students to become part of the scientific process as they design and build roller coasters, complete electrical circuits and explore gravitational forces.

Tanya Condren
Garfield Elementary-

Using Touch points in a highly scaffolded one step at a time approach, students are able to grasp concepts that have eluded them.From concrete to pictorial to abstract it helps students regardless of their learning style.

Anthony Fernando, Monette McKinnell and Rhonda Smith
Central Ninth Grade Center-

Applied Motion Physics project will allow all students in the physical science classes at Central Ninth Grade Center to actively manipulate variables as they work through lab activities dealing with motion. This includes speed, acceleration, momentum and forces. These units will be paired with the Lab Quest data collectors that we already have and use. 

Kaci Campbell
Early Childhood Education Center-

Funds for the purchase of new dramatic play materials. The materials that are currently in use are in disrepair, poor condition or nonexistent. Dramatic play is an integral part of development, and costumes, toys, pretend play items i.e. tools help to extend the play and therefore extend the learning.


Beth Russell
Garfield Elementary-"Pythagoras Puzzle Tiles"

A project to improve my students knowledge and understanding of geometric shapes and principals. To do this, we need to allow students to have hands on experience working with geometric shapes and modeling geometric principles. To achieve this goal, we will need six sets of the Pythagoras puzzle sets.

Jennifer Barretto
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Centered on Art"

Expanding the concept of more areas of art for the classroom.

Tammy Shelton
Pratt Elementary "Lego Smart"

STEM project-a hands on solution for introducing key language arts, math, science, robotics and technology concepts.v

Morgan Mansell
Garfield Elementary

Equipping the classroom with a set of Webster's Dictionaries.

Angie Yates
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Apple for the Teacher"

Four Apple TVs and 4 HDMI cables for the first grade classes.

Leland Leslie
Central Ninth Grade Center "Photogram-The Elegance of Light"

Black and white photographic paper and developing processing materials.

Lorrie Bailey, Vickie Harbaugh, Terri Lee, Karen Biggs
Limestone Technology Center "Action Based Learning"

ABL is based upon brain reseach that supports the link of physical activity to increased academic performance.

Julie Ward
Garfield Elementary "Let's Get Moving!"

Fitness Circuit Package to promote cardiovascular endurance, core strength, bone strength and flexibility.

Virginia Sellers
Charles Page High School "Classroom Set of TI84 Plus C Silver Edition"

Graphing Calculators to help students visualize and understand concepts in mathematics.

Sandi Harger
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Weaving Dreams"

The Art of Weaving into the classroom and learn about Native American cultures.

Kenneth Cole & Austin Shipman
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Sandites in Space"

Materials for making and launching a weather balloon for the science department.

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Center "Teaching Literacy with Fun & Games"

Materials to teach literacy skills in a fun and interactive way.

Caleb Horton
Central Ninth Grade Center "Help the Students Push My Buttons"

30 graphing calculators for Algebra I and Algebra II.

Peggy Reichard
Central NInth Grade Center "Hydroponic Gardening"

Funding to add to the current greenhouse for producing vegetables and herbs.

Rhonda Smith
Central Ninth Grade Center "Making Science Happen"

Providing students with experiences in electromagnetic power, laser simulation, electrochemistry and solar energy.

Sarah Lattie
Garfield Elementary "32 SMART Response PE Clicker System"

Garfield Elementary"32 SMART Response PE Clicker System"

Debbie Cook & Janet Smith
Early Childhood Education Center "Relaxation Station"

Help meet sensory needs, improve their body awareness and help to calm and organize children with special needs.

Michael Ross
Charles Page High School "Permanent Line Installation"

For the Digital Media Production, seeking to remedy broadcast issues by installing 3 permanent camera stations.

Janet Thompson
Charles Page High School "SANDITES.TV-Third Student Camera Person Station"

Third Camera Person station and necessary components for the SANDITES.TV system.

Frank Cooper
Charles Page High School "Sandites Broadcasting System"

Provide televisions, media server and wiring for the Digital Media Production class to broadcast in high traffic areas of the school, promoting school events and school spirit.

Stephanie Edwards
Angus Valley Elementary "STEMming Success with Minecraft "

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is what STEM stands for. Wanting to implement Digital Game-Based Learning to spark creativity and supplement learning in the computer lab.


Amber Kubiak
Angus Valley Elementary "Investigations Math"

Research based resource to enhance the math learing experience of the general curriculum.

Avery Chambers
Garfield Elementary "Getting Students in Sync with Common Core"

Making the most of every class time with classroom management software and a classroom amplification system.

Jennifer Barretto
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Building the Future: Art & Arcchitecture"

Teaching the basics of architecture based upon historical and cultural architecture.

Diane Williams
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Developing Sculptors"

Working with clay and challenging the student to think out of the box.

Carrie Schlehuber & Ashley Wise
Angus Valley Elementary "Dance Therapy for Students with Disabilities-Their Chance to Dance"

Reqesting an attempt to "tap into" the power that music and dance can have over the special needs student.

Dana Johnston
Charles Page High School "Silk Painting"

Studying art history as related to the silk trade. Materials needed to try techniques that are centuries old in painting on silk.

Shawn Beard
Charles Page High School "Keyboard Dock for Asus Tablets"

10 Asus Tablets for use in the Virtual Lab at CPHS

Cheryl Moody
Angus Valley Elementary "Literally Learning with Literacy First"

Literacy First Phonic Kit to provide the most up to date research based materials for explicitly teaching and reinforcing the essential Literacy First skills.

Shelley Martin & Daybreak Counselor
Pratt Elementary "art in a Children's Community"

Taking a group of students identifies as at-risk and immersing them in creativity and self-expression thereby increasing their self-esteem and hopeully starting them on a positive path.

Sandy Gilstrap & Janice Lumsden
Early Childhood Education Center

Early Childhood Education Center"Hooked on Pre-K"

Shelley Martin
Pratt Elementary "Developing a Culture of Collaborative Learning"

Purchasing a set of NEO's for the school library.

Christopher Hartman
Limestone Technology Center "Ab"zOrb"ing Digital Images into Common Core State Standards"

Students will be able to individually manipulate a high-powered magnifying device, capable of 35X zoom, capturing detailed images or videos.

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Center "Crafty and Creative"

Funding a year's worth of arts and crafts to use in the First Grade classroom.

Joni Johnson
Central Ninth Grade Center "Crunching Numbers with Financial Literacy"

Purchase Dave Ramsey's program "Foundation in Personal Finance High School Edition".

Sharon Michenfelder & Kim Summar
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Captions, maps & Illustrations"

Many children have nature Deficit Disorder (NDD). By using outside and inside experiences at school, children will have a better understanding about nature that surrounds them.

Leland Leslie
Central Ninth Grade Center "Photogram-The Elegance of Light"

Purchase of black and white photgraphic paper and developing and processing materials.

Leland Leslie
Central Ninth Grade Center "Ceramic Kiln"

Need of a new Ceramic Kiln for art classes at the CNGC

Julie Ward
Garfield Elementary "Climbing to New Heights"

Reqesting a traverse climbing wall.

Kami McCabe
Garfield Elementary "Caught Reading 2.0"

Caught Reading 2.0 will encourage students to get caught reading, motivating students to spend more time on independent reading and raise self-esteem.

Amy Garrison
Limestone Technology Academy "Ding-Dong, Getting the Job Done with Bells"

Elementary Handbell and Tone Chime Project to employ handbess to teach music literacy concepts and build student confidence.

Chris Corbin
Angus Valley Elementary "Heart Rate Awareness"

Help children identify the different types of heart rates for their body.

Jerie Carter
Garfield Elementary "FrontRow Pro Digital System"

Enabling all students to hear instruction as if they were on the front row of the classroom

Kami McCabe
Garfield Elementary "eXcitement with eBooks"

Reading eBooks on the Smartboard and iPads is a way to entice and excite students about reading and stories.

LeeAnn Blaylock
Angus Valley Elementary "Versatiles"

Versatiles programs for math, reading and phonics.

Nick Hughes
Limestone Technology Academy "Steps to Respect"

Steps to Respect will provide direct skills, lessons and activities to address bullying with our students.

Wendy Paden
Angus Elementary "Putting the "I" back into Discipline"

Conscious Discipline curriculum, a brain based program designed to help studetns self-regulate and become more responsible for their behavior in the classroom.

Tracy Grayson
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "hands and Hearts Planting Healthy Habits"

Funds for 2 raised bed gardens to be built on campus to be used by all Kindergarten classes.

Meg Melton
Charles Page High School "Studio Photography"

Explore Studio Photography by building a backdrop and taking portraits of their classmates using artificial lighting

Meg Melton & Andrea Bays
Charles Page High School "Video Highlights Reel"

A joint project involving Journalism students and Image management students. Classes will shoot video of the major events of the year and edit them together into a highlight reel to be shown at the end of year assembly.

Lisa Seay
Clyde Boyd Middle School & 6th Grade Center "Dive! Dive!"

Materials for students to build their own cartesian diver. Learning principles of pressure and density.

Rebecca Stewart
Garfield Elementary "Going Digital with Music"

SMART document camera to be used for instuction of Orff instrument pieces.

Rhonda Smith
Central Ninth Grade Center "A Study of Collisions"

Students will use the equipment to discover the effects of collisions on objects.

Rhonda Smith
Central Ninth Grade Center "Modeling Nanotechnology"

Students will simulate the process by which medicines are encapsulated and delivered to various body parts in the treatment of many diseases.

Peggy Reichard
Central Ninth Grade Center "Biochar Greenhouse"

Build and sustain an organic greehouse using biochar and other sustainable fertilizers and pesticides.

Lisa Wright
6th Grade Center "Reading, Writing and Math"

Graphic Novels will be used in the math classsroom to move toward the Common Core objectives.

Tarra Tilton
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Know-Its & Beyond"

Provide all students with scientifically research-based reading readiness curriculum.

Janet Johnson
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Water Quality Testing on Fisher Creek"

Class sets of dissoved oxygen kits, dissolved oxygen refills for the kits & ph/temperature meters for 7th grade science.


Tammy Shelton
Pratt Elementary "Growing Scientists in Kindergarten"

Bring Science into our classrooms by providing the opportunity to observe the life cycle of hatching chicks, butterflies, ladybugs, leopard frogs and worms.

Susan Goodman
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Title 1 Reading"

"Multisensory approach to reading through the help of 'HeidiSongs'".

Meg Melton
Charles Page High School "Backpack Journalism"

"Students to use Apple iPads to become their own mobile newsroom in which they will use the iPad to shoot photos, capture audio and video, write and edit their text and finally submit their stories and video packages via wifi.

Jennifer Barretto
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "It's a Small World, so Let's Learn About It"

Learning about the cultures of Asia and Mexico through art activities

Lisa Seay
6th Grade Center "Balloons to the Moon"

Making hot air balloons from colorful tissue paper, see tempature pressure, density, convection and buoyancy with direct correlations into the study of weather.v

Angie Timmons and Trinity Rutledge
Early Childhood Education Center "Materials for Literacy Centers"

Additions of more literacy materials for the centers so that things will be new and fresh for the students.

Peggy Roberts
Clyde Boyd Middle School "SRA Reading Labs"

Making available an additional resource which will provide the students in the reading lab the opportunity to work independently on their reading skills.

Jay Rotert
Charles Page High School "Interactive Mathematics"

To give students a more interactive experience within the classroom through the use of handhelds with the latest technology.

Tammy Loveless, Stephanie McAllister, Cheryl Moody & Tonya Roberts
Angus Valley Elementary "Metacognition" The Crucial Component in Reading Comprehension

To implement a more systematic & explicit approach of teaching crucial comprehension skills.

Shawn Beard
Charles Page High School "Virtual School Wireless Access"

To provide extra lab seats for the Sand Springs Virtual Academy in the form of ASUS Tablets

Vickie Harbaugh & Kristin Arnold
Limestone Technology Academy "Hey, Look TeacherNo Hands"

The Readingpen serves as a personal reading comprehension tutor, enabling users to scan, hear the text and definitions read aloud with the product's integrated Text-to-Speech mechanism, and see their definitions on the products LCD screen, anytime & anywhere.

Brittany Hayes
Charles Page High School "Debate Team Technology"

Access to research to stay competitive with area schools through the use of tablets.

Kristin Arnold & 2nd Grade Team
Limestone Technology Academy "Wanting to Be Part of the CLICK"

Clickers in the classroom provide the teacher to share best practices, student engagement, deepen critical thinking, asses student knowledge prior to a new lesson, enhance class discussionss, peer instruction, testing & evaluations and thenk-pair-shre activities.

Dana Simms & Sheri Lins
Limestone Technology Academy "Blooming Artists"

Teachers will teach the OK Art Pass Objectives and students will create original art depicting the objective.

Rita Montgomery
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Movement in the AirEvery Sight and Every Sound"

Help with funding the very first performance in the new school in Spring of 2012.

Stephenie Powell
Limestone Technology Academy "IThe Intervention of iPads"

5iPad 2's, 5 Keyboad cases and $200 Itunes cards.

Terri Lee & Dana Simms
Limestone Technology Academy "Non Fiction Detectives"

Teachers will use non-fiction literature to teach students how to analyze and critique information.

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Academy "Tecnology Talks!"

Interactive CD Roms that will be used on our SMARTboard so students will learn skills in a fun and interactive manner.

Katie Acuna & Mandi Cloud
Limestone Technology Academy "Growing a KinderGarden"

Students who participate in classroom gardens build an understanding and respect for our environment, develp patience and are motivated to make healthy food choices

Jennifer Feather
Charles Page High School "Write, Scrap, Remember!"

Request for 40 scrapbooks to be used for a senior memory project . These Special Ed students will be required to write and collect things that happen during their senior year.

Rebecca hatchett & Louise Pond
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Schoolwide Read of Bystander"

To combat the issue of bullying, we want to do a schoolwide read of Bystander by james Preller, a novel that presents bullying from the viewpoint of Eric hayes, a new student who is befriended by the school bully.

Louise Pond & Committee
Clyde Boyd Middle School "100 Years of Sandite Pride"

Joining the city of Sand Springs in recognizing and honoring 100 Years of Sandite tradtion by having the students participate in exploring the deep and rich heritage which is Sand Springs.

Brenda Sanders
Limestone Techonology Academy "Reading By Myself"

The Reading Pen to assist students who have difficulty reading independently or understanding the meaning of vocabulary in written text.

Kelli Shockley
Garfield Elementary "Bringing Social Studies to Life"

Resource kits and sets of nonfiction social studies books to bring excitement to the study of Native Americans and the settling of the West.

Kenneth Cole & Janet Johnson
Clyde Boyd Middle School "iThink, Therefore iAm"

Seventh grade science students to investigate the organs and organ systems of the human body using iPad2 Units.

Jeff McCoy
Angus Valley Elementary "Class Set of Instruments"

Use Drum Therapy Method in the music classroom by way of a classroom set of rhythm instruments, helping build self esteem.

Chasity Tedeschi
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Dissecting a Rock?"

Students will "dissect" a rock to discover crystals inside. They will study crystal size and how they are formed.

Debbie Cook & Kama Wilson
Early Childhood Education Center "Outdoor Social Skills"

Allowing our Developmentally Delayed Preschool students to take unique and novel activities to the playground with them.

Leland Leslie
Central Ninth Grade Center "Photogram-The Elegance of Light"

The Purchase of black and white photographic paper and developing processing materials.

Bettye Smith
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Printing: More Than Just Looking Good on Paper"

Providing experiences that lend themselves to creative expression for gifted and talented students.

Shelly Pitts
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy "Neo 2's for Grades K, 1 & 2"

Another set of NEO2's to accommodate the students; needs at NFAA.


Betty O'Brian
Central Fine Arts Academy "Central Dragons Learn How to Defeat Bullies"

A character education program that promotes fairness, honesty, compassion, responsibility & respect for self & others. Teaching students how best to handle everday concerns & conflicts in the home & school environment.

Diane Williams
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Cutting Through History & Cultures"

Giving students a cultural tour of the art of paper cutting along with providing them the opportunity to use special scissors to do art projects.

Jennifer Barretto
Central Fine Arts Academy "American Folk Art"

Learning about American Folk art through the study and comparision of the work of Grandma Moses & William H. Johnson. Students will create a work of art in the style of these artists.

Jennifer Barretto
Central Fine Arts Academy "Animals in Art-a-Trip Through Three Lands

A virtual trip through 3 cultures: Mexican, Australian & Indian and will learn about them through their art, DVD's books, and discussions.

Susan Goodman
Central Fine Arts Academy "Literacy Center/Small Group Instruction"

Building a solid foundation of reading skills with literacy centers, reinforcing reading, and game group format.

J.O. McMahon
Pratt Elementary "Typing to Learn 4 the Future"

Latest keyboarding software for all Pratt elementary students. Being able to give a progression of keyboarding skills as the students progress in their grades.

Dana Simms
Limestone Technology Academy "Listen Up! Building Fluent Readers"

Fluency is a major goal of reading instruction because decoding print accurately and effortlessly enables studentsto read for meaning. A Listening Station would allow students to read along and hear a proficient model of fluency.

Terrie Lee
Limestone Technology Academy "Limestone Lions are Learning Language"

Provide whole group activities as well as literacy center activities. Materials will be used to enhance learning inphonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, fluency andsentence building.

Shirley Upah & Becky Hatchett
Clyde Boyd Middle School "The Spice of Life: The Importance of Spices Then & Now"

Examining spices around the world from a research aspect, plant makeup, cultural aspects.

Rita Montgomery
Early Childhood Education Center Site Grant "Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?"

To incorporate a school-wide philosophy of "bucket filling" throughout the Early Childhood Education Center. Children will learn the way to happiness is to give love and kindness as well as receiving it. Children will learn that being a "bucket filler" means that they will show that they will show that they care about others.

Wendy Paden
Early Childhood Education Center "The Beat Goes ON"

Funds for enough instruments that would allow the teacher to implement music instruction in the classroom.

Laura McGhee & Wendy Paden
Early Childhood Education Center "Let's Talk Literacy!"

Literacy materials to be used in the classroom as educational tools to enhance the reading curriculum required as a district. The learning games will supplement the current collection of materials.

Joan Hughes
6th Grade Center & CBMS "iPad for iCommunication Learning"

A 32GB Apple iPad would create a more engaged, creative and new way to teach, enhance and enrich general education curriculum using a portable device under the instruction of a speech-language pathologist for students with communication disorders.

Kenneth Cole
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Enviromental Science Resource Books"

Resource books for a new elective class, "Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth". This class complements with the 8th grade P.A.S.S. objectives.

Nicole Anglin
Limestone Technology Academy "Leap into Learning"

Handheld educational game consoles aimed at children ages 4-10. The games teach basic math and literary skills.

Brenda Sanders
Limestone & CPHS "iPad with Proloquo2go Application"

For facilitating language skills in speech/language impaired children. This technology is multi-sensory with use of touch, visual and auditory features. It will allow these children to use it to communicate in their environment by answering questions, requesting items and giving social greetings.

Carrie Schlehuber
Angus Valley Elementary "Assistive Technology for Students w/multiple Disabilities"

Assistive Technology to aid the instruction of students eith Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and visual impairments.

Meg Melton
Charles Page High School "Photo Imaging"

The purchase of 6 digitizer tablets for the Digital Photography classes. Each comes with a stylus that works like a pen allowing more precise manipulation of photos, text, etc.

Debbie Carter
Angus Valley Elementary "Multi-Media Format of Enhancing Communication"

Use of an iPad in the school environments outside the computer labs would enhance student learning and handson and up close learning. This 

technology would improveskills across the areas of reading, math, science, socialstudies, vocabulary & basic communication skills.

Shelly Pitts
Central Fine Arts Academy "Neo2's for Grades K, 1 and 2"

A hub unit of 30 Neo 2 wireless children's laptop and 8 Wireless routers that support Renaissance Learning AR Reading Tests, typing abilities, clicker 

abilities and Mathin a Flash for the students at CFAA

Teresa Ledbetter
5th Graders - Garfield Elementary "Garfield is Swimming with Sharks"

For meeting PASS requirements, a collaborative science project to dissect sharks with 5th grade classes and APscience students from CNGC.

Joyce Smith
Angus Valley Elementary "Hide and Seek with GPS"

With the purchase of Garmin handheld GPS units, students will locate sites and treasures using modern satellite technology as well as with 

standard compasses.

Karen Biggs
Angus Valley Elementary "Literacy First Kit"

Literacy First Phonological Awareness kits for K-2nd grade Classes.

Kristin Arnold & Technology Committee
Limestone Technology Academy "Clicking Our Way to Success"

Outfitting Limestone classes with "clickers". Clickers in the classroom enable the teacher to share best practices, increase student engagement, 

deepen critical thinking, assess student knowledge prior to a new lesson, and enhance class discussions, peer instructions, testing and evaluations 

and think-pair-share activities

Nicole Anglin
Limestone Technology Academy "Painting with Purpose"

Students will make and decorate using paints and glazes. They will observe how the mixing of paint colors will make new colors, how glaze can 

transform a piece of bisque to beautiful glass like ceramics and explore their creativity.

Sue Nipp-Horn
Limestone Technology Academy "Little Flying Fingers"

Preparing students for the workplace of the future by giving them the skills necessary for using computerscompetently.

Rhonda Smith
Central Ninth Grade Center "Data Collection Devices"

Purchasing 3 sets of data collection devices giving the students more experience with understanding conceptsin science lab projects.

Patricia Foster
Charles Page High School "Smart Math Software"

Math Software to use with Smartboard technology.

Belinda Eubanks
Charles Page High School "ELMO - Teaching Tool"

ELMO provides a dynamic and effective method for addressing spatial concepts. ELMO projects 3-D and at an enlarged scale, students in all positions 

of the classroom can see clearly.

Andrea Campfield
Charles Page High School "Understanding the Standards"

SMARTboard technology for English classes to use with vocabulary, grammar practice, highlighting literature and composition

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Academy "Bells of Fun"

Starter set for a hand bell choir. Hand bells, music cards, and cases for storing. Giving musical enrichment to herclassroom program.

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Academy "Learning Skills through Song"

10 Jack Hartman Learning CD's and CD/Tape player for the classroom. Fun and interactive way to teach studentsessential skills in language arts, 

math and science.

Jennifer Feather
Charles Page High School "Camera, Action, Learning!"

Digital cameras, camera cases and memory cards for projects to teach Special needs students. A class set of cameras will allow students to take 

pictures and use themas writing tools, learn to publish them on media outlets.

Peter Whipple
Charles Page High School "Create Music!"

Music software to help with displaying music concepts in a clear and professional manner, allowing a music keyboard to be displayed and 

manipulated on SMARTboard display.

Peggy Reichard
Central Ninth Grade Center "Bridging the Technology Gap"

SMARTboard technology for science classroom

Chasity Tedeschi
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Model Rocket Supplies"

Supplies for Model Rocket unit in 8th grade science.

Jennifer Burke
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Set Design & Construction in a Drama Program"

Funds to supply CBMS Drama students with tools and supplies to learn basic set building & design techniques.

Erin Wilson
Clyde Boyd Middle School "SMART Learning w/SMARTboards"

SMARTboard technology for 7th grade math classes.


Michelle Johnson
Charles Page High School "Can You See Me Now?"

There are 3 basic types of learning styles. The 3 most common are visual, auditory & kinesthetic. Most people tend to use one of their senses more than the others. By creating lessons on the computer, a projector can assist in giving the students the information needed for lesson.

Garfield Fifth Grade Team
Garfield Elementary "It's All About Biz Town"

Participating in several weeks of classroom study which will culminate in a full-day visit to the Junior Achievement Biz Town site. Students will learn about time and moneymanagement skills as they work as bankers & shop as consumers.

Tarra Carver
Central Fine Arts Academy "Listen Up!"

Use of a stationary listening table will help to organize and compartmentalize the listening center. A listening table with 4 headphones, an 8 station junction box and CD player.

April Davis
Central Fine Arts Academy "Seven-Year-Old Starving Artists"

In-death study of Impressionistic art accompanied by student-led interpretation and student-planned imitation.Use of a document camera to help in the presentation.

Jill Minihan
Pratt & Garfield Elementary "Chess Boards & Chessmen"

Terri Lee
Limestone Technology Center "Inquiring Minds Want to Know"

Science kits, books, and activities to promote inquiry science in young students. Providing students with handson experiments and materials in place of textbooks.

Jennifer Barretto
Central Fine Arts Academy "Art Class Smart Board"

use of a Smartboard to work in unison with an existing projector to give lesson plans new dimension. Students can interact with the art taught and manipulate it.

J.O. McMahon
Pratt Elementary "Little Fingers, Busy Fingers"

Type to Learn Jr. New Keys for Kids from Scholastic focusing on using letter and number keys, the shift key, home row and select internet symbols. This program is a creative approach making this practice fun with several skill building activities.

Chris Corbin
Angus Elementary "Pedometers"

Using pedometers to promote exercise while tying in many academic standards and lessons.

J.O. McMahon
Pratt Elementary "Math is a Critical Mission"

Interactive software from Scholastic entitled Math Missions For student use in the computer lab. The curriculum builds Real world math skills through 15 math activities and 10 math missions. Focus is for 3rd - 5th graders working on proficiencies in fractions, graphs, measurements, division,multiplication, factors, multiples, estimation, time, money,shapes and logic.

Julie Ward, Lorrie Bailey, Susan Fought
Garfield, Limestone, & Pratt Elementary "Bowling for Fitness & Fun"

Bringing Bowling into the physical fitness education program. Bowling kits to introduce students to a sport that is fun, fulfilling and that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

J.O. McMahon
Pratt Elementary "Let's Move to the Front Row"

Installation of the Front Row Audio System for the classroom. Front Row provides amplified sound that is evenlydistributed through four ceiling speakers. The system will service both the teacher's voice and audio from other media, providing an atmosphere for enhanced learning.

Terri Lee
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Leapin' Loins"

Leapster Learning Systems for the classroom. Handheld games that reinforce learning objectives in phonics, math,spelling, reading, science and critical thinking.

Brianne Johnson
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Fantastic Fairy Tales and Fair Use"

Camera and software for students to create their own movies. During the movie making process, the studentswill learn safe and ethical practices, while using their imaginations and creativity.

Sharon Garroutte
Angus Elementary "LeapDesk Workstation"

Leapster Portable Teaching Center will enable the students to access using handheld technology games for instruction as a motivation to improving phonemic awareness, reading and math skills. The kit has 50 types of skills, to assist thestudent who is struggling in performance.

Starr Corbin
Angus Elementary "Classroom Suite from Intellitools"

This program has activities designed to help students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade in the areas ofreading, math and writing. The program will work alongwith the SMART board technology.

Nicole Myers
Early Childhood Education Center "Listening Center for Mrs. Myer's Pre-K Class"

Listening Center for the Classroom to focus on the emphasis to incorporate literacy education in the classroom.

Jenny Chambers & Rita Montgomery
Central Fine Arts Academy "FACE (Family Art Club Event)"

In keeping with the mission of the school, FACE demonstrates to parents that art and academics go handin hand and actually enhance one another. On FACE nights, families come to the school and participate in artalong with the students. Teachers guide activites. Art supplies will also go home with families at the end of the lesson.

Becky Hatchett
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Leaves on Your Family Tree"

Years subscription to "" to assist students in genealogy work in relation to history studies. Students studying historical periods, historical events, the Holocaust, and the upcoming census will find resources in

Caleb Horton
Central Ninth Grade Center "Walk and Talk at the Same Time"

An airliner is a wireless impute device for SMARTboards. They allow the teacher to move around the classroom while using the SMARTboard technology that incorporatesthe daily lessons.

Sandy Charlson
Charles Page High School "CPHS Documentary Film Festival"

Students will use the requested technology to create documentary films on current topics. Application of learning using critical analysis of rhetoric in both fiction and nonfiction works in print and visual media.

Angie Yates & First Grade Team
Central Fine Arts Academy "Math Facts Magic"

160 Addition and Subtraction dry erase practice boards to help the first graders meet district and state standards.

Talesa Hilton
Sixth Grade Center "Multi-user Interactive Classroom"

Interwrite Mobic System, clickers and software to provide the classroom with the next generation technology. Allowsthe teacher to immediately interact with students.

Brad Ehmke
Central Ninth Grade Center "Symbolism and Etiquette of Flags far and Near"

Unit study on Flag etiquette. Learning about flags from different countries and the US Flag and our State Flag. Address the proper way to display flags, the meaning behind the design and colors on the flag and the significanceof flags in different cultures. Students will learn to fold a flag and more.

Debbie Cook
Early Childhood Education Center "Two Little Hands"

The Signing time Series to help special needs students better communicate with regular education students. The DVD series contains 13 American Sign Language vocabulary building volumes, each covering approximately 30 signs each.

Janet Smith
Early Childhood Education Center "Listening Center & CD/Tape Cassette Player"

A Read-Along Listening Center to be used by students to listen to a book on CDE or tape. Center includes 6 head sets to allow 6 students to simultaneously hear the story without being distracted by other classroom noises.

Cheryl Moody
Angus Elementary "Making Math More Meaningful for ME"

Math resources to effectively teach our at-risk students. Materials designed to make learning exciting and moremeaningful.

Valerie Mayers
Angus Elementary "Hands-On Equations Learning Systems"

Supplementary math program that allows students in Grades 3 - 8 to visually and kinesthetically learn algebraicconcepts. This program provides 7 lessons that enable the students to successfully solve the algebraic equations.

Kelli Shockley
Garfield Elementary "The Wonder of White Boards"

Classroom set of laptop marker boards and accessories to aid students in learning difficult math concepts.

Jerie Carter
Jerie Carter

A program to assist in teaching writing to students. This Program is engaging, motivating and student success is phenomenal. Helping students be creative writers.

Rhonda Smith
Central Ninth Grade Center "Science Lab Equipment"

Providing students with science lab experiences that would otherwise be impossible. Collaboration between the Mathand Science Depts. to deepen the students' understanding of math and science. Students will develop cooperative learning and critical thinking skills.

Lisa Wright
Garfield Elementary "Let's Get Fit"

Start a "Walking Club" as a motivational tool to help kids become interested in their personal fitness. "Toe Tokens"will be given for each mile walked to show progress.

Lisa Wright
Garfield Elementary "We Want to be SMART"

SMART Airliner wireless slates and a document camera. The Airliner would allow each student access to his/her own mouse to the whiteboard. Then the document camera will automatically project onto the whiteboard anything placed under it.

Kelli Stephenson
Limestone Technology Center "Nintendo D.S. (Don't Stop) Learning"

Use of the Nintendo DS to enhance daily learning in the classroom. Centers for the students to rotate throughdaily once work is completed.

Paul Hoey
Charles Page High School "School Pride Landscaping"

Create a large landscaped area at CPHS. The project will have the students build and plant the area through theHorticulture, Ag Power Tech & Ag Structure classes. Put to practice landscape principles & construction techniques.


Terri Lee
Limestone Elementary "Artists in the Classroom"

Provide opportunities for art and creativity in our classroom. Students will be able to participate in painting, music, activities, and role play/dramatic enrichment.

Terri Lee, Ruth Shrum, Nicole Anglin
Limestone Elementary "Science Surrounds US"

Science is everywhere we look and our students will be able to interact with it. This project will allow students to interact with live insects, grow plants, manipulate magnets, and investigate pulleys and other simple machines.

Leland Leslie
Charles Page High School "I-Respond Classroom Package"

The purchase of 12 wireless hand held responders for teaching in a special education class. These responders be integrated with the classroom SMART board.

Joyce Smith, Christina Opfer, Corrie Long
Angus Valley Elementary "Elementary Dictionaries"

Merriam Webster's Elementary Dictionaries provide clear definitions for words that youngsters are likely to encounter in their classwork. Brief stories in the dictionaries tell the origins of interesting words.

B. Joyce Smith
Angus Valley Elementary "Classroom Jeopardy"

An interactive action-packed system which replicates the TV version. The game is expandable to include play for 30 students.

Ashley Wise, Carrie Schlehuber
Angus Valley Elementary "We Can Play, Too!"

Adaptive PE equipment and musical instruments for students with significant cognitive and physical disabilities. Our students cannot always access their environment due to their disabilities and this equipment will allow them to participate fully in the PE and music curriculum.

Lorrie Bailey
Limestone Elementary "Mileage Club"

Students and faculty are teaming up to promote physical fitness, reduce playground hassles, and fight obesity among youth. Students and faculty are walking or jogging laps on the school grounds during noon recess and physical education classes.

Tammy Shelton
Pratt Elementary "ELMO Visual Presenter"

The ELMO document camera is a powerful tool for all students. An ELMO visual presenter will be used daily in the classroom with writer's workshop, allowing students to collaborate, peer coach and have meaningful grammar lessons based on authentic writing experiences.

Kami McCabe
Garfield Elementary "Exploring Literary Devices Thru Picture Books & eBooks"

Exploring literary devices through picture books & eBooks uses children's picture books & ebooks on the SMART board to introduce, teach, and reinforce literary elements in a fun and informative manner.

Lisa Seay
6th Grade Center "Think Tank Enrichment Clusters"

6th Grade Gifted/Talented Students have formed "Renzulli Enrichment Clusters" in which they are choosing real life issues to address in ways that are meaningful and authentic to them. These activities require some funding to get the program started, which will be sef-sustaining with student fund-raising.

Lou Pinkerton
Site Grant = Limestone Elementary "FrontRow"

Provide all students in every classroom at Limestone, the "best seat in the house". The grant will equip every classroom with FrontRow sound system. We are seeking to create more focused, productive and happy classrooms.

Cheryl Moody, Mandi Rivers, Stephany Ward
Angus Valley Elementary "Algorithmic Advantage"

To gain the necessary resources we need in order to improve the quality of math instruction for 1st graders and give them more of an advantage to succeed in 2nd grade and beyond.

Cheryl Moody, Mandi Rivers, Stephany Ward
Angus Valley Elementary "Algorithmic Advantage"

To gain the necessary resources we need in order to improve the quality of math instruction for 1st graders and give them more of an advantage to succeed in 2nd grade and beyond.

Tammy Shelton
Pratt Elementary "Artists Around the World/SMART Board"

Take students on a trip around the world, exploring great artists and masterpieces throughout history. Students will learn about famous and not so famous artists and explore a variety of art mediums by creating their own masterpieces.

Dawn Fisher
Angus Valley Elementary "I'm a SMART Writer"

Request for a Toshiba Portege Tablet PC with accessories. Computer will allow the teacher to freely move around the classroom while the students are doing activities and interacting with the SMART board as small or whole groups.

Becky Hatchett
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Sequoyah Commercials"

Students participating in our Book Club will create films about this year's nominees for the Sequoyah Young Adult Book Awards. They will select scenes from the books to be staged and filmed, then use digital cameras to record and make their "commercials".

Twana Ballard
6th Grade Center "SMART Board, Speakers & Wireless Bluethooth"

Use of a SMART board can influence student's mathematic skills. Help students enjoy mathematics.

Laura McGehee, Wendy Paden
Early Childhood Center "Science is Simple"

A Pre-K program full of hands on learning, exploring, measuring, experimenting and observing the world of science. Science discovery items will enable students to experience activities and learning concepts that otherwise wouldn't be included in everyday curriculum.

Kelli Shockley
Garfield Elementary "Clickers in the Classrooms"

The Senteo Responders 32 unit system. This technology in the classroom will give me another teaching strategy for reviewing, practicing and reinforcing skill and content. Students also have the opportunity to use technology themselves and give ownership to their learning.

Michele Smith
Central Fine Arts Academy "Expanding Knowledge"

Provide an excitable, actively engaging and positive learning experience to all my students with a SMART board. With the SMART board we will be able to better use our digital projector.

Dale Kinser
Clyde Boyd Middle School "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Providing a digital photography unit for students. Give basics on use of the digital camera, editing and publishing pictures. Long term goal is to bridge the technology gap between elementary and high school.

Rebecca Lyn Davis
Clyde Boyd Middle School "SMART Board System"

Integrating technology into the classroom is an excellent way of meeting children where they are in life. Use of the SMART Board System integrates variety in the teaching methods for the teacher and their students.

Limestone Elementary Technology Committee
Limestone Elementary "Digital Math, Science & Technology Fair"

Partial funding granted to go toward becoming a technologically advanced school in which they use modernmethods to engage students. In this "Fair" the students will create digital projects & present them to their peers, parents, and community.

Terri Whitney
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Technology in the Classroom"

The inclusion of a digital projector and SMART board can have a positive effect on the learning environment of the math class. This technology can be used for visual aids and keeping students on task during the lesson.

Kathy Griffin
Pratt Elementary "Transformational Digital Learning"

A SMART Document Camera will compliment the interactive SMART board. It will provide students with the opportunity to view reading, math, science and social studies lessons in a manner that is developmentally appropriate and within their line of vision by providing 3-D viewing.

Kathy Griffin
Pratt Elementary "Sing & Read the Math Standards"

Young children remember and retain skills when introduced using multiple modalities of learning. By using music and repetition, the student will be able to learn higher level math skills and be able to transfer them over into independent math practice.

Annabeth Harris
Central Fine Arts Academy "SMARTer Sand Springs Students"

To help with educating the "whole" child, the SMART Board system incorporates technology through many means for the student in the classroom.

Tanya Condren
Limestone Elementary "Rhythms Around the World"

Helping the special needs student to interact with a music program within their abilities instead of trying to integrate with the general students. Smaller class size and more individual attention will help the learner. This program allows the student.

Lane Anderson
6th Grade Center "Classroom Technology"

Use of the SMART board system with digital projector to enhance teaching methods, student participation and increase student learning.


Stephanie Leslie, Janna Greathouse, Alanda Lavaleur
Central Fine Arts Academy "Talk To Me, Too, Teacher"

Teachers of students with disabilities, requesting equipment to assist their students with being heard andunderstood.

Brenda Schey
Central Fine Arts Academy "Early Start, Body Smart"

Physical Education/Creative Movement classes explore all types of movement. Opportunities for a student to discover their own potential for learning through their bodies and positive ways to spend leisure time.

Marilyn Cherry & Rita Montgomery
Central Fine Arts Academy "The Art of Character"

Use art as a vehicle to teach character education. The goal will be to change undesirable behaviors and attitudes and reinforce positive ones.

Meg Melton & Janet Thompson
Charles Page High School "Music Videos"

To successfully prepare students for the real world, it is necessary for them to understand this issue of illegal music downloads and "copyright". To make sure that the projects they do are "legal". In Video Production, Video Editing, Digital Photography and Yearbook classes students are required to produce professional quality videos and digital slide shows. With the addition of royalty free music, the students would get the full effect and be able to produce professional quality work and remain "legal".

Joyce Smith
Garfield Elementary "Hands-On Equations Learning Systems"

A visual and kinesthetic supplementary math program for introducing algebraic concepts to grades 3 - 8. This teaching system enables young children to understand and successfully solve algebraic equations thereby enhancing self-esteem and interest in mathematics.

Stephanie Leslie
Central Fine Arts Academy "Reading Rod Center"

Reading manipulatives would help multi-age, multi-grade multi-ability students to work on tiered level learning center assignments to identify phonemes, establish short and long vowel patterns, and consonant blends and recognize high frequency words without having to struggle with poor fine motor skills.

Ruth Shrum & Terri Lee
Limestone Elementary "Writer's Workshop"

Sentence building and writing is a skill needed for all academic levels. It will begin with the basic sentence structure and grow into more complex writings.

Terri Lee & Ruth Shrum
Limestone Elementary "Mathematic Mania"

Funding for some action packed games used to build essential math skills. These games practice everythingfrom addition & subtraction to geometry and money skills.

Terri Lee & Ruth Schrum
Limestone Elementary "Listening Lions"

Items to enhance our teaching of listening and reading skills. These items will be used as a literacy center in the classroom. These activities will enhance phonics skills, comprehension of stories, and practice of fluency.

Heather Miller
Charles Page High School "Stargazers Wanted!"

A unit that begins with research, continues with mapping and writing, ends with technology-rich presentations, students will become familiar with the lights that naturally brighten the night sky. Students will use their observations of the night sky the research tools they have at their finger tips daily through our libraries, and the technology requested through this grant to delve into the beauties and mysteries of the night sky.

Jenny Chambers
Site Grant = Central Fine Arts Academy "Art for All"

Each teacher at CFAA to have the most basic necessities in providing art instruction for students-a curriculum.

Amy Pennington
Early Childhood Center Central Ninth Grade Center

The Read CD Box Set with Adobe Photoshop Elements offers tools to design our own "Read" posters and bookmarks for the entire school community. these posters promote and make literacy for our 9th Grade Center.

Kami McCabe
Garfield Elementary "Caught Reading"

Encourage students to get caught reading. It will also motivate students to spend more time on independent reading and raise self-esteem. As students are caught reading, they will have their picture taken and then printed out in poster format. Poster will be displayed.

Michelle Bonicelli
Central Ninth Grade Center "Baby Think It Over-Electronic Babies"

Family and Consumer Sciences Department to purchase 6 more electronic babies to add to the Human Sexuality,Personal Development and Parenting & Child Development curriculum.

Linda Bynum, Cheryl Moody & Mandi Rivers
Angus Valley Elementary "Liven Up Literacy First"

Motivate students to want to do the Literacy First Centers in the anticipation of participating in the Leapster Learning Center and providing access to a technology based learning tool which would otherwise not be available on a daily basis.

Carrie Schlehuber
Angus Valley Elementary "Smart Board Technology for Special Learners"

Request a Smart Board system for K-5th grade multiple disabilities classroom. This system would allow studentswith significant disabilities to participate in educational activities like never before.

Curtis Price
Site Grant - Charles Page High School "Electronic Balances"

The Biology department is requesting 2 additional electronic balances for each of the 4 biology teachers.

Elementary Music Department
All elementary schools "Learning Music the SMART Way"

Equip the music classrooms with the tools needed to use the software the district has provided. Purchase a Smart board for each of the elementary music classrooms.

Roger Bush & Curtis Price
Site Grant - Charles Page High School "Student Microscopes"

8 student compound light microscopes to be used and shared by the science department. Utilized for biologyand physiology labs.

Steve Cotton & Michael Bynum
Charles Page High School "Gas Chromatograph Chemical Analysis"

For Chemistry classes to have a gas chromatograph, an instrument to analyze compounds and their concentrations

Dana Johnston & Gail Lawrence
Charles Page High School "All Things Monet!"

One week Fine Arts Festival featuring a "Teacher's Discovery Traveling Exhibit of Claude Monet. Appeal to a broad spectrum of students with an arts event that includes as many of the disciplines as possible.

Michele Smith & Annabeth Harris
Central Fine Arts Academy Site Grant "Teaching Through Technology"

Applying for digital projectors and equipment and instillation used with the projectors. Wanting to helpbring the world into our classrooms.

Central Fine Arts Academy First Grade Department
Central Fine Arts Academy "Literacy to Go"

Develop curriculum map for the entire school year. Grant to provide materials that would build Eight literacy learning centers that would circulate between the 8 first grade classrooms

Shirley Upah
6th Grade Center "Read Together Now"

Updated equipment in the classroom to help students of all learning types to develop reading skills, such asanalysis, inference, evaluation and interpreting to prepare for standardized reading tests.

Kelli Shockley
Garfield Elementary "Discovering the Food Chain Through Owl Pellets"

Fourth grade study learning about food chains, predator/prey relationships, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.

Kelli Shockley
Garfield Elementary "Exciting Electricity"

Learning about electricity and magnetism. Learn principles such as electromagnetism, resistance, static electricity and the basics of electronic circuitry. Construct electric circuits.

Leland Leslie
Charles Page High School Site Grant "MIMIO XI"

Interactive whiteboard with wireless module tablet and compatible projector for special education students.

Aimee Whipple & Patti Phillips
Central Fine Arts Academy "Our Eight Special Smarts"

Utilizing the Multiple Intelligences in the Special Education Classroom. Literacy based/language arts strategies giving more opportunities for the student to learn through multiple intelligences theory.

Jennifer Feather
Charles Page High School "Resource English 10th-11th-12th"

To fund scrapbooks and the supplies to create them. To offer special education students an opportunity to organize & display their writing and creative projects throughout the year. Learn to use technology to write and organize papers and while keeping a record of their progress.

Belinda Eubanks
Charles Page High School "Teaching Through Technology"

Updating current teaching methods and skills. Ceiling mounted digital video projector, bulb, remote pointer.

Brianne Johnson and Janet Johnson
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Literature Teacher, Science Teacher"

Cross-curricular unit for the 7th grade core classes based on the novel "The House of the Scorpion". Book to be read & analyzed in English class. In science the genetic unit will emphasize advances in technology in genetic research. Geography teacher will have students compare the literature setting to the actual land forms and boundaries of Mexico. Google Earth will be utilized.

Becky Hatchett
Clyde Boyd Middle School "Sequoyah Book Discussion Club"

To offer an after-school book discussion group centered around the Sequoyah Books that would help more of ourstudents become eligible to vote and to meet the winner of the Sequoyah Young Adult Book Award.

Angela Swain
Central Fine Arts Academy "Musical Instrument ER"

Seeking to refurbish damaged classroom instruments. Resources are needed to repair and upkeep on a large inventory of barred and wooden rhythm instruments. Students to assist in the repair process while learning theimportance of instrument care and principles of sound production.

Lisa Wright
Garfield Elementary "What is Classroom Jeopardy?"

Classroom Jeopardy an electronic game. The grant would bring lights, sounds and action of the TV show into the classroom. Great motivational tool that will give me a way to help my students review material, prepare for tests and sharpen their study skills.

Joni Johnson
Central Ninth Grade Center "Fitness for Life"

As a Dance Aerobics class teacher, wanting to reach as many students and faculty by offering ways to bring awareness of health and fitness. Equipment needs for the program in the form of barbell weights.

Kathy Griffin
Pratt Elementary "Literacy Alive"

Program using interactive writing to teach children emergent literacy skills. By using a student of the day,I am able to use interactive writing charts to teach students letter/sound recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, sight word recognition, punctuation, concepts of print, and reading/writing fluency. Incorporation of a Smart Board, students will be able to explore these concepts using an interactive technological approach that allows them to expand upon these skills in a developmentally appropriateway.


Shelley Martin & Cathy Shipman
Pratt Elementary Patriots Celebration of Oklahoma Centennial $2,400

To allow every student at Pratt the opportunity to experiencethe aspects of daily life of early Oklahomans. A week of hands-on activitiesculminating in a full day of Centennial activities for OK's 100th birthday.

Jason Lee
Lake Alternative School Colonial House $2,700

For the students to host a Farmer's Market for local resident's to purchasevegetables. The goal of the project is for students to build a replica colonyon school property to demonstrate the reality of life in the 1600's. Afterbuilding the structure of the colony, the students will prepare the land forvegetation & grow spring crops.

Brian Thompson
Limestone Elementary Proficient Reading/Proficient Learning $1,819.05

Joyce Smith
Garfield Elementaryy MicroProElite Microscope Set $377.95

Educational microscopes with glass optics and power setting from50x to 900x. The kit includes prepared slides as well as everything youneed to make your own specimen slides. Features a camera mount tophotograph your findings and a projection/drawing device to displayimages. Components include a built-in color-filter wheel, interchangeableeyepieces, and die cast metal body.

Joyce Smith
Garfield Elementary Mastering Math Take-Home Rings Sets $229.77

Each Take-Home Ring includes 50 double-sided write & wipe equationcards, a parent card, & a vinyl carrying pouch. Rings include facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.

Mindy Baker
Pratt Elementary Navigating the Social World $249.60

Lisa Wright
Garfield Elementaryy Handheld Learning $1,124.82

Tracy Grayson, Sandi Harger, Tom Huff, Karen Mallory, Laura Pratt, Abbie Roberts, Jane VanWagner, Renee Delaney & Cathy Hula
Central Fine Arts Academy "YogaKids: Breathing Life into Learning $1,622,25

Innovative program that combines yoga movements with academic objectives. Program allows teachers to teach to all learning stylesespecially bodily-kinesthetics. Also addresses health & fitness objectivesas well as teaching children how to manage the stresses in their lives.

Shannon Bussey
Garfield Elementary Show Me the Mathematics-Learning Through Representation $1,323.24

Hands-on manipulative & teaching aids used to introduce, extend & masterbasic math facts & concepts. These teaching aids are designed to reach special education students, regular education students, & gifted students.

Lea Hayduk
Limestone Elementary The Short Books $296.48

For use with autistic children. Repetitive books featuring sight words.Help increase comprehension & memorization of basic sight words.

Teresa Ledbetter
Early Childhood Center All Aboard the Polar Express-Family Reading Night $704.14

Providing an opportunity for our families to share in a literacy experiencealong with a shared community holiday experience. Not only does itprovide a book for every family to take home, it also provides instructionin literacy building activities that parents can utilize at home. Increasedoral language development by providing those oral language experiencesnaturally with the planned activities.

Ann Rittenoure, Betty O'Brian & Karen Mallory
Early Childhood Center Central Fine Arts Academy $612.95

A dramatic play project to encourage self expression and build languageskills for the kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Kathryn Tydlacka & Diane Williams
Clyde Boyd Middle School Sandite Scrapbooking $850.00

Scrapbook our "Sandite Time" to teach our students about history and thedevelopment of Sand Springs and surrounding areas. Develop a since of pride in their community and themselves.

Diane Williams
Clyde Boyd Middle School Quilling $872.00

Develop a unit on the old art form, Quilling. This unit will increase students'knowledge of an ancient art form & the period of history in which it wasdeveloped.

Lisa Everley
Pratt Elementary Math with Meaning $167.88

Games and real life simulations as a teaching tool to reach and teachemotionally disturbed students. The project's aim is to use board gamesand simulations to teach essential math skills and social skills to assist students with emotional disturbance in achieving IEP goals & objectives.

Rita Montgomery
Central 9th Grade Center Future Leadership of Sand Springs (FLOSS) $250.00

Sand Springs Public Schools recently began plans with the Chamber of Commerce and the Sand Springs Police Dept. for Future Leadership ofSand Springs which will incorporate service learning and civic educationmodeled after the adult version of the class known as Leadership Sand Springs. Through FLOSS community, civic & business leaders will mentorstudents who will learn about the real workings of local government.

Joni Johnson
Central 9th Grade Center The Ultimate Gift $564.86

Book written by local Tulsa writer. The book allows the reader to experiencelife lessons he/she will keep with them for the rest of their lives. Use thebook as a tool in my classes to help students with basic morals & values.

Steve Moody
Central 9th Grade Center Talking to Learn, Learning to Talk $807.62

Joint project during which competitive speech & debate students from thesecondary level will work cooperatively with teachers and students at the Central Fine Arts Academy on speaking, creative writing and performanceprojects. Designed to improve language skills such as vocabulary, sentencestructure and syntax and teach younger students the difference betweencasual and formal register and the importance of both types of language in life success.

Patricia Foster
Charles Page High School CBR-Motion Detector $136.05

Purchase a TI Calculator Based Ranger (CBR2) System. The CBR is a datacollection device that I can connect to the TI-83 Overhead GraphingCalculator. The data collection is used to measure distance, velocity andacceleration and connect the results to the real world.

Sandra Wygle & Patrice Mellett
Pratt Elementary "Park It"

A theme based project designed to enrich the 4th grade science and social studies curriculum. Students will explore numerous national parks in different regions of our nation through interactive & authentic learning experiences involving computer technology lessons, letter writing and hands on activities.

Laura McGehee
Early Childhood Center "Shaping" Our Curriculum with Ellison Die-Cuts

Provide teachers with a system that will allow them to free up their time with students along with offering a way to enhance teaching in theme basedlearning and academic skills. Adding additional essential dye cuts to the machine that is already in place at their school.

Angie Yates & Susan Goodman
Central Elementary Site Grant "Developing Dynamic Readers"

Designed to enhance and build upon our reading instruction and curriculum.Provides activities and lessons to teachers for all of our students' readingsuccess. Project allows us to provide intense small group & individualattention to our students.

Carol Hayes
Central 9th Grade Center "Projecting Success"

The Math Dept. seeks to improve math achievement and increase studentenrollment and completion in advanced math classes. The project willimpliment math instruction that will address student learning styles and intereststhrough the use of LCD projectors in the classroom.

Ann Rittenoure, Jo Robertson, Linda Sue Mills, Lea Hayduk, Jennifer Barretto, April Davis, Betty O'Brian
Central Elementary "Mountain Language in Dragonville"

A project that will enable teachers to readily detect problem areas and adjustthe teaching process in language and reading. It is a weekly, interactivebulletin board that can be used year after year.

Cheryl Jackson
Lake Academy "Yearbook & Photography"

Provide necessary equipment, software and supplies to teach a yearbook &photography class. The students will learn photography technique, photoediting with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher Layout.

Cheryl Jackson
Lake Academy Sewing Machines

Provide necessary equipment to offer an elective sewing/embroideryclass. Students will learn the basics of garment assembly and repair necessary to care for existing clothing and make simple garments. They willproduce custom embroidered shirts and jackets bearing their school name& logo for students who wish to purchase these garments.

Joni Johnson
Central Ninth Grade Center Site Grant "Fitness for Life"

Teach the Aerobics Class at Central 9th Grade Center. With childhoodobesity being a growing problem, the goal is to reach as many studentsand faculty with the awareness of health and fitness.

Stephanie Powell
Limestone Elementary

Purchase the Legster Game System along with some math games to rein-force the memorization of addition, subtraction and multiplication facts for third grade students.

Dawn Fisher
Angus Valley Elementary "Picture My ABC'S"

Creation of an alphabet book by each student containing photographs of objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The students will bring objects from home or find them in the classroom and school to photographand print which begin with the letter being studied for the week. When allletters have been studied, the pictures will be assembled in ABC order and bound into a book to be taken home.

Angus Valley Kindergarten
Angus Valley Elementary "Ladybug! Ladybug! Come Play with Me"

Discovering the metamorphosis of a lady bug. The students will have a real life experience as they read, observe and record live lady bug larvaeand the changes that occur and then experience the joy of releasing them in our school's outdoor habitat.

Ashley Wise
Angus Valley Elementary

To help students with print disabilities with their reading skills. The studentwill have access to audio textbooks that would allow them to be successful in their classroom.